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Offering counsel, conversation & listening intertwined with hope & guidance as we navigate our everyday lives

Do you long for a life with more meaning and purpose? Are you going through grief, career challenges, or relationship issues? Do you just need someone to talk to?


Sometimes a little guidance in the right direction, a little hope, is the perfect remedy.


I can work with you from addressing everyday challenges to long-term complications.  Or we can discuss life skills like balancing a budget or creating a clutter free environment.


Life can sidetrack us and we stray from our true path, from the people we were meant to be.  Every one of us has our own journey, and it's not always easy to navigate.

Just having someone to talk to can make a difference; to feel heard, to know that we matter.


Let's live this beautiful life we were granted with purpose.  Contact me and we'll get started!

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Meet KJ

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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be - Ralph Waldo Emerson

KJM, Hope Coach ♥

I‘ve always been the one to be on the positive side of things, to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.  Throughout my lifetime people have always sought me out for advice.  I gravitate to individuals and situations that need help and it comes naturally to want to lend support.


Creating a Hope Coaching business was a way to work with my passion of helping people.  For years I worked at a “desk job” and while that earned a living, it didn’t feed my soul.  I went to college yet I have a master’s degree in life.  I have a wealth of experience creating the foundation I work from.


A journey of self-discovery was becoming an ordained minister; an enlightening process finding my authentic self that was there the whole time just waiting to be noticed again.


It’s my true pleasure to offer my Hope Coaching services to you.  I want you to be happy, to follow a meaningful path while enjoying life along the way! Through conversation, you may authentically and safely share your story without judgement.  We'll work together to discuss the topics important to you - from your day at work, to what's keeping you awake at night, to household organization, to your hopes and dreams!


I offer private sessions via phone, FaceTime, or Google Duo.


Please see my contact information for any questions or click below to make appointment.  The services I offer are one-to-one conversations; simple, hope-filled, meaningful.


Many blessings,



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"The bluebird of Happiness" is said to represent hope, faith, joy, & renewal.


Why Speak With a Hope Coach?

Sometimes a little fresh perspective from a neutral person is helpful as we navigate down our unique paths.

A hope and support-filled conversation to discuss what's most pressing on your mind.

I offer confidential sessions where you may authentically and safely share your story with no judgement - and we communicate from wherever you're located.

We were put on this earth to live a joyful, happy, and fulfilling life!

Contact me and let's explore your journey together.


Need someone to talk to? Need someone to listen? I offer an ear and a voice without judgement.


Harmony, self-awareness, forgiveness, wholeness, gratefulness.


We each have talents and gifts - uncover yours! What makes you happy?

Point to Ponder

Experiences don’t define who you are, only you choose who you are and who you choose to be.

On Your to-do List

Focus on the good things, however small; focus on the here and now.

Your Authentic Self

Be transparent, be your true self; own your beauty!



"KJ offered insight in how I could succeed in meeting & exceeding goals.  Indeed she has been a great mentor to me.  No one has been more down to earth, friendly, & patient in teaching me than KJ."

- Clennon L. King, Principal

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"KJ is a very people oriented person making whomever she is talking to feel at ease." - LB

"I highly recommend KJ, She is very supportive and non-judgemental.  Through advice and encouragement, I was able to face the issues in my life enabling me to move forward.  Thanks to KJ I feel better about my self and my future." - LM

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Insurance is not accepted at this time.

I respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, share, or give way your information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) All information provided, verbal or written, will be kept in the strictest of confidentiality.  Your personal information will never be disclosed to anyone.

My Counsel and advice  are based on the information you choose to share with me.  While I make every effort to assist in the best possible way, my services are not a substitute for those provided by your health care professional.  Nothing in this site is intended to be used as a treatment or medical advice.  By participating in my services, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist and my services do not replace the care of a psychologist or other health care professional.



Counsel & Guidance Appointment

Do you have something you'd like to talk about? Need some career advice? Relationship issues? Family challenges? Just having a bad day and need someone to talk to? In my presence, you may authentically and safely share your story with no judgement.  I will help you with gentle guidance and ideas to facilitate moving forward.  Or I can be someone who listens and lends support.  I also specialize in helping the elderly remain connected through socialization.

What's an Appointment Like?

I will call you at the time of our appointment.  Next, I would love to hear what brought you to get in touch with me.  Then we talk, it's that simple! No forms to fill out, no questionnaires to complete.  Just an easy-going conversation.  All conversations are strictly confidential.  Sessions are 55 minutes so I may be ready for the next appointment at the top of the hour.


Life Skills Appointment

Here we can talk about life skills we utilize while carrying out every day activities.  Would you like to discuss insight on how to keep a balanced budget? To keep an accurate checkbook/digital register of funds? A plan on how to pay your bills on time? Tips on keeping an organized home? We will talk about guidelines and actions to address these areas and any other subjects you would like to discuss.